Popular literature (selection)
Edited by Bettina Baumgärtel

To this day, popular biographies of and novels about Angelica Kauffman are widely read and have undoubtedly led to the artist’s fame.

Many of the publications, such as that by Angela Goodden, are well-researched and based on fact. However, a large number of the writings paint a clichéd picture of the artist and turn her life story into a tragic love story. Old legends and anecdotes about her are cited and embellished; new ones are invented. In order to achieve high sales figures on the books, the artist’s supposed love life is interpreted in amateur psychological manner without leading to any new insights.

These biographies usually focus intensively on the topic of marriage fraud, which sometimes accounts for as much as one third of the entire text. In fact, the case of marriage fraud in question was a very minor episode in the sixty-six years of the artist’s life. The later stages of her life are also often examined with a tunnel view of her amorous relationships. The question most frequently discussed is whether or not Angelica Kauffman had an affair with Goethe.

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